Monday, 25 July 2011

Cookies.... On-a-stick!

Last Thursday when we were in Utrecht we not only visited the Railway Museum but also the Utrecht University Museum after which we did a bit of shopping - the kids love going shopping with me as we always go to fun shops. Although admittedly they don't like it when I disappear into a quilt shop they are very well behaved there and I always let them go into a shop of choice after (comic or toy shop usually lol) one thing we did after the quilt shop was go into this lovely baking shop Cute Cakes where I got my hands on a star cookie tin that allows you to make cookies-on-a-stick.

Today was the day to finally try it out. and I made it recipe included on the back of the wrapper - it was too dry so I added a second egg to the mix and it was enough to make over double the amount they said it was for. The 6 in the photo are from the first batch made - at the time of writing I have the 3rd batch in the oven with enough dough left to make at least another 6, though I'm not putting sticks in any more as I don't want to run out of sticks on the first day of using the tin.

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