Sunday, 24 July 2011

Giant beanbags!

Last winter I got my hands on this MASSIVE bag of beanbag beans with the plan of making a couple of old fashioned beanbags, however the curved shapes needed and the sheer size of them daunted me too much to I kind of stalled on making them. Yesterday I made the decision to stop procrastinating and just make them - not circular but the newfangled rectangle shapes instead, something I could easily do. I don't have the final outer fabric bought for these yet so they are just 2 layers of muslin sewn shut which will make the beanbags more childproof than a single layer would be. When I have a spare bit of money I'm going to raid the fabric shop and buy some nice soft fleece to use as the outer covers, oldest wants blue while youngest wants green on one side and blue on the other. The photo has a standard sized paperback book tucked between the beanbags so you can see how huge they really are.

Size of each beanbag: 1,5 meters x 1 meter ( 4,9 foot x 3.2 foot)
Cost per beanbag: 16 Euro's (approx 23 USD / 14 GBP)


  1. i'd like my head sticking out there where the book is ;P