Saturday, 16 July 2011

Something new...

Every now and then the Lidl surprises me with something new and interesting in the food department - this time it was Kumato's brownish green tomatoes that look like they have gone bad but taste wonderful. - far sweeter than your average supermarket tomato and  perfect for in a salad or on a sandwich. I used mine on a seasame bagel with fresh picked lettuce and rocket from my garden and some sliced cooked chicken and enjoyed every bite.

It does remind me that I really need to get the huge tree situation sorted out in my garden - I've an overgrown Leyland cypress taking over my tiny garden that I inherited from the previous owners when it still looked like an innocent tiny conifer, it's blocking out the light and making it impossible for me to grow much in my veg plot any more which is a shame as I love growing my own veg and eating it within minutes of picking. I also have a cherry tree in my garden that has grown a lot bigger than expected - the man at the nursery said it would stay small but it's not my idea of small - and my neighbours agree with me on that score as they are getting sick and tired of cleaning up the mess every year made by the birds as they eat every cherry before it's ripe, so the cherry tree also has to go.

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