Friday, 1 July 2011

Travel sewing bag

This summer me and the kids are going on a bunch of day trips to cities and museums to explore the country we live in and learn stuff - the kids choice as it happens as they really wanted to go to a couple of museums and would rather go to them than a theme park. Works for me - it's cheaper :) Since I don't own a car this will involve public transport, mostly in the shape of trains. Most single way trips will be over an hour so I want to take my hexagon project with me to keep my hands busy.

Enter the new plan - make myself a handy bag to take with me on my travels as the Yazii bag I have isn't too handy for on the go stuff but is more suited for going to sew at a friends house and it doesn't have a shoulder strap so I'd have to carry it in my hand all day - not handy at all.

I'm making stuff up as a go as I think of things that would be useful to have in my bag. Using patterns I find on the internet in addition to what I think up myself. The main idea is to have a bag that completely opens out to reveal the sewing stuff and that can be closed in a few seconds when it's time to get off the train. It has to be quilting related and I decided to finally use the blue and yellow floral I've been hoarding for a long time cos I wanted to make something special with it.

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