Friday, 15 July 2011

The delights of fresh fruit...

Having grumbled about horrid cake earlier today I'm going to wax lyrical about how good fresh fruit is at this time of year. Since the Evil Resident Blackbirds ate all my cherries off the massive cherry tree before I'd even had a single cherry and as they are so expensive here (6 Euros a kg - about 4 more than I'm willing to pay) I won't be having any cherries this year - which saddens me but they are just way too much.. However while at the green grocers I did get (going clockwise) Flat "wild" peaches (the white ones at the top) peaches, red and yellow plums, apricots, flat nectarines and nectarines.

I'd never had a flat nectarine before and when I took a bite the flavour hit me WOW it was so good! I just stopped doing everything for a moment to savour the taste. I can't believe that these are cheaper than the cherries! In fact all the fruit I got was just 1 Euro more than a kg of cherries - really good value if you ask me :)

So head on over to your local greengrocers and find out what's in season - it's amazing what's available at this time of year!

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