Saturday, 8 April 2017

Friday Freebie on a Saturday: Ariel Fob

This pattern was inspired by the Mucha princess patterns Pinky the Pink has made, this one uses the colours of Ariel which you can find here (if it hasn't sold out yet as it's a limited edition pattern). Pinky's etsy shop can be found here with more princesses and much, much more!

All lines are span stitches. If you need help on how to do the span stitches please look here where I have previously shown how to do these stitches.

You can find the pattern here

I thought I'd include the finished Anna embroidery - it's finished as a biscornu pincushion as it was too big to be a fob due to me stitching it on 14ct Rustico Aida, which made it 3 1/2" square, instead of the 18ct it was designed for (the same stitch size of the Mucha princesses). I used a transparent bead in the centre and would suggest that if you plan to do this as well then you can skip the central cross stitches in the pattern (which is located here) as you can't see it with a bead in the way.


  1. oh my goodness! I love the pattern! Your finish biscornu is PERFECT, which means everyone should have a perfect biscornu :D

    1. Actually I found out part way through assembly that I was 1 stitch off with making the backstitch line for the back so a bit of fudging and some careful photography hide the fact that 2 of the corners are slightly offset.

  2. That Anna-cornu looks really like it could belong in the movie!