Sunday, 16 April 2017

Easter Freebie 3: Little Easter Flower Fob

Today's Easter freebie is a really tiny one! If stitched on 18ct Aida it's a mere 1 1/4" square! At just 22 stitches per side it's tiny no matter which size fabric you decide to use - 14ct Aida (or 28ct evenweave when done 2 over 2) would come in at not quite 1 2/3" square. It's a great fob size or even as a charm for on your bag or keys, or, if you can take the weight, it would do as an earring too!

Of course you can use any colour you like instead of the orange, I just happen to love the bright cheerfulness of orange but perhaps you'd prefer blue, purple or pink instead.

Finished using orange craft thread for the tassel and cord and TOHO seed beads TR-11-174 - Trans-Rainbow Lt Hyacinth

You can find the pattern here


  1. What a cute tiny pattern...stitched earrings, now that is an interesting idea!

    1. Thanks! They are small enough and even with the cord and tassel included they weigh less than 2 grams (scales said 1 gram when weighed alone, but when I added the scissors and took the fob off there was 2 grams difference, which means it's not enough for the scales to say 2 grams when weighed alone) which is a lot lighter than many earrings.