Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Surprise Freebie: Rainbow Hearts

My friend Carla has been stitching squares for the FaceBook group Rainbows for Peace and Comfort which inspired me to think about what I could do to help as I have enough going on already that I don't feel that I can commit time to something like this myself. While doodling in the pattern maker, which I do when my mind needs to think while not stitching, this happened and I thought it would be perfect for the group.
The premise of the group is as follows:

"This group is formed to help bring comfort and peace to all those impacted by the Orlando tragedy. We are a group of cross stitchers who will be making quilts and other items for all. Please join us by stitching, supporting us and watching the projects grow."

The central open space is intended for the name of the person the square is being stitched for and as the pattern is smaller than the maximum size for the square there is also space on the outside for the name and state/country to be added in as well.

You can find the pattern here

I hope you enjoy this pattern and please do leave a message if you use this pattern! It would be fun to see your stitches :)


  1. It's so wonderful and THANK YOU for creating such a special pattern for our group!

    1. I'm so glad you like it! You are most welcome! I'm pleased I could do something to help :)