Friday, 28 April 2017

Friday Freebie: Spider's Web and TUSAL

The end of this month and the beginning of the next mark the 6 months to Halloween point - so what better way to celebrate it than to have a quick little Halloween related pattern?
I made a spider's web that's all sparkly using DMC Light Effects 310 and 168 though if you don't have them on hand you could always use DMC 310 and 168 instead or perhaps use just one colour for the entire web!

For those that don't like this method of stitching I have included an alternate pattern which is located on page two of the pattern.

You can find the pattern here.

This time I'm also going to show you my TUSAL jar - it's been a  long time since I remembered to take a photo and post about it so my jar is pretty packed

It's stuffed with threads of all the projects I have stitched in the past year - too many to include now so I'd suggest having a peek at the 2016 and 2017 finishes pages (linked in the header for easy access) and the latest WIP Wednesday post. The latest finish is posted above though - I finished it shortly before writing this blog post.

I'll be back later with a Journey post!


  1. Love the spider and web! It's just about perfect to be a Christmas tree ornament - have had an idea about it for years (since reading the fable about the spider who decorated the widow's tree) but those I'd found before just didn't suit.

    Your ort jar is so full! Shall enjoy wandering around your blog, seeing what else you've been up to.

    1. Thanks! oh that sounds like a wonderful use for it! All you need is green fabric to stitch it on to resemble the tree :) Or perhaps even use a tree shape and fit the pattern within the tree shape :)

      Yes, a year's worth of stitching does add up :) Have fun!

  2. I can always use a cute little spider house!