Monday, 17 April 2017

Easter Freebie 4: Mini Blackwork Box Pillow

Today is the last day of the Easter freebies, I hope you have enjoyed the patterns! Today's pattern is quite a large project for its small size - if you make the front, back and 4 side panels there is 451.27 inches of backstitching!

Because I only put one copy of the side panel in the pattern the numbers add up to less, but I have checked and the required amount of thread is still accurate so you don't need more thread than is called for even when you do more backstitching.

You can find the pattern here


  1. Another lovely and interesting looking pattern - you are designing faster than I can stitch!

    1. Thanks! I design them faster than *I* can stitch too! Sometimes the idea's flow and lots of things happen, some I share, some I don't share (mostly because they are just too big and involved or just an idea I had that turned out not to work). As you can see looking at the Easter freebies my idea's cover more than one style though at the moment my personal colour choices seem to be cheerful rather than muted.

  2. My file with your patterns is getting to be huge!