Saturday, 3 January 2015

A new year - and perhaps a new beginning

It's that time of year when everyone posts about their hopes and dreams and plans for the year to come, I'm no different as I want to make an overview of which SAL's I want to join in with - and also post a bit about the SAL I'm running myself.

A SAL? I hear you ask..

Yes indeed! This year I'm going to host a SAL over on NCC International Headquarters where I will post a new ornament pattern every month - the first one is up already!



Although I've not been too good at posting pictures of my jars I've been good and made a new jar every month, some fuller than others but I have kept them all and will continue to do this.


Another SAL I've not posted as much about as I should have last year but I certainly made a point of stitching every time and joining in with a hangout chat with some friends so we can chat, stitch, show stuff off and generally behaving as if we are at a stitching bee.

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I've been kinda doing this for a long time - just not answering the questions asked every month. I hope to be a bit better about joining in with this as well for the coming year.

This SAL needs a bit more space as I want to make a list of things I want to work on the coming year.
  • Mikes Mushrooms - it's in dire need of a bit more love and some more being stitched on it.
  • TW's Castle Ridge - a new start for the year and I want to finish it this year too.
  • My ornament SAL - I want to stitch them up myself too and make examples of how to finish them.
  • More TW - not sure what but it will happen.
  • The Christmas tree tea cosy - will need to buy thread for that though.
  • The cutlery WIP needs finishing.

The Magnificent Year of Teresa Wentzler

Last year I had a blast doing this and this year I have already started on Castle Ridge, in fact it was this project that had the honour of the first stitch of the year! Carla is a great enabler and is keen to egg people on, so I have no doubt that I will finish Castle Ridge and more by the end of the year!

Tons of Tiny

This is another new SAL that I will be joining in with, and it has the added bonus that it fits in nicely with my own SAL as they too are tiny patterns! I shall be sending on some patterns of things I have made in the deep past and still have the patterns for.


This great little project is meant to help showcase designers all over the world - anyone can jump in and post about a designer they love - and even designers themselves are allowed to write about themselves and their work and share it with the world to see!

Stitch From Stash

It's always easy to go out and buy whatever you want or think you need but it's far better to first go stash shopping instead. There will always be things one really needs to be able to complete a project but if one is careful with money this is more than doable. So with that in mind, along with my stash enhancement activities late last year *gulp* I have decided to curb myself a bit more and try and stick to the 25 dollar budget , though hopefully I will spend far less.


  1. It's nice to see you join so many SALs this year, make's me hope for more regular updates here - I still love your blog! :)

    1. Thanks :)

      The top 3 I have been doing for some years - it's just that I have not been posting as I should have been doing. I too hope to make more posts, I let things slide last year when I had health issues but now I will have more to write about :)

  2. I love it! You spent most of last year so quiet due to issues, but THIS YEAR will be so incredible for you and you will be BUSY!