Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Tons of Tiny

I'm a bit late posting this but I didn't want to do 2 posts on the same day. Tons of Tiny is a project to get those tiny projects in your stash done - and then send the pattern (in a usable state) to someone else.

Anyone reading my blog will already have seen my 2 Tons of Tiny entries, they are both my own pattern that I share with anyone who downloads the pattern. I do however have a bunch of older small patterns from kits I have done previously that I am going to be sending out to people. Please note that they were coloured in with pencil as I did the patterns and although I have done my best to remove it, it might show a bit still.

Editing to add:  I found out that my Death of Rats also counts for this so I'm adding him in here too, you can read about him in the next post.
This month I'm offering 3 floral patterns to brighten up the dreary winter days. I don't know abut you but I'm longing for warmer weather and being able to open the back door and leave it open for a while without freezing my toes off.

Lanarte "Life style collection"  Quick and easy - Daffodils. Colour key with DMC threads.
Size:  45 stitches wide by 62 stitches high, 16 colours.
Note: there is the word "Narcissus" in backstitch on the pattern to the right that I did not include here.
Penelope counted cross stitch kit - Floral Urn. Design by Mary Hickmott. Colour key with Anchor threads
Size: 41 stitches wide by 55 stitches high, 7 colours.
Notes: No back stitch. The original pattern calls for pink to be used, due to my aversion to pink I replaced it with yellow in my embroidery.
Permin of Copenhagen "quick kit" - Dog Rose. Colour Key with DMC threads
Size: 30 stitches wide by 45 stitches high.
Note: The edge of the paper is somewhat torn but not on the side of the pattern, I *think* this kit didn't have one of those sorting cards and I may have made holes to keep the thread sorted instead, at which point it may have become torn in one place.

I will be sending one of these to 3 people, just comment with which one you'd like and I'll get in touch with the new homes for snail mail addy's some time next week. Please note that you are only supposed to request one of these if you are planning on making it yourself as part of the Tons of Tiny project, these patterns are not for resale!

If more than one person asks for the same pattern I'll write the names on a bit of paper, drop them in a jar and let one of the kids pull a name.


  1. Your ornaments are so very awesome...I'd have started them long ago, if I could just decide which way to do them!

    Also, I really like the daffodils one...it has such great colors ^_^

  2. Lovely group of tiny stitches.