Friday, 23 January 2015

Ornament of the month - Finishing ideas

There are many ways you can finish the ornaments and I'll be putting some idea's of how to do so here so you can plan ahead a bit if that's something you like to do. I have added pictures as soon as I could of some of the finishing idea's - I had not done this before as it occurred to me after I started posting that people might like some pointers as to how they can finish these.

Idea 1: 
Make them into biscornu's - with or without hanging loops
Idea 2: 
Make the ornaments on point or straight with a hanging loop
Idea 3: 
Make the ornaments into a garland - you will need to add a loop on 2 sides or 2 corners of each ornament linking them to the existing garland as you go.
What I did was sew the back to the front in the same way as I did above adding in 2 loops to either side that are long enough to fit over the ornament so you can link the ornaments in any order you like, change them around whenever you like or adjust the length to fit the location you want to hang them.

Idea 4:
Use the borders from the wall hanging to make the ornaments a little bigger, they will then be 47 stitches square.
What I did was stitch the basic pattern and then add the border from the wall hanging suggestion. Then I sewed the back to the front in the same way one would make a biscornu, adding a bead every other stitch. I added a hanging loop made from craft thread and a tassel with a bead on the bottom.
Idea 5: 
Turn them into a single large wall hanging. With the pattern option I have made you can make a wall hanging that is 153 stitches wide and 203 high. Within the pattern option there are several ways of making the back stitched part of the border - all have been included in the pattern, so you can pick and mix as you wish. All colours used match the symbols and colours of the monthly pattern.
You can find the pattern below in a handy pdf file that has shaded area's for page overlaps so it's nice and easy to print and use. It has been updated every month to include the latest pattern so if you see it's full then you are looking at this page after the SAL has finished.

Can't choose?
Just make the ornament embroideries but don't finish them till you have decided what you want to do with them.

You can find the Wall hanging pattern here

Note: This post used to be on NCC International Headquarters however I have moved this here so as to have all my patterns in the same place. It has been posted with the date that it was posted to the original site so as not to confuse people visiting my blog.

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