Friday, 23 January 2015

SFS - January

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After a lot of consideration I have decided to set my currency for SFS to Euro as I buy from more than one country it's easier to use my own currency as the base. I have decided to use 25 Euro as my budget amount as things are more expensive here so it feels fair to do it like this. I will convert the USD amounts for the money earned to Euro.

Month: January
Spent: 24.30
Earned: 7.10
Carry over:  (25.00 - 24.30) + 7.10 = 7.80

My spending: 

This being my first ever SFS post it's all a bit new for me but.. I was good and kept to the budget as I didn't want to go over on my first post - it wasn't easy as what I wanted was just a bit over the allowed amount but I was strict with myself and made myself remove something from the shopping basket to stay under.
I got 3 remnants of fabric to replace what I've used up: 14ct black Aida (3.50), 18ct white Aida (2.85) and a section of 8" high 28ct linen band (4.00). I don't really need huge amounts so a remnant is more cost effective and takes up less space than a full yard would.

A spool of red Kreinik #4 very fine braid as I'm slowly adding to the number of colours I have of this and it was on sale for just 2.95 so a bit hard to resist.

4 skeins of Tentaculum - Gauguin, Klimt, Van Gogh and Rousseau to add to my collection of these threads - 5 down, 6 to go! These are 2.75 each.

I have also spent on monthly threads club + the limited edition fabric and thread from Jodyri however as it's specially dyed it takes some time to make and send so I've not received it yet. I have noticed that level of eagerness to receive something does not make it arrive faster *grumble* otherwise it would have magically arrived on my desk within minutes of ordering lol. As these 3 are monthly clubs they do not count as spending.

My earnings:

This month I finished 2 ornaments using the pattern I've made for my Ornament of the Month SAL The fabric is 16ct antique white Aida that I got last summer when I was in the UK and the threads are from my stash, most of which were collected before 1995 though of course I have since added any new colours and topped up colours I finished. The beads I got so long ago I can't remember when I got them but they are at least 2 years old. The thread I used for the hanging loops is craft thread my bf gave me last September.
The bigger ornament is 47 stitches square and the smaller one 35 stitches square so each ornament earns me $ 4.00 each for a total of $ 8.00 which according to the currency converter today is 7.10 Euro so that is the amount I'm counting.

I will not be counting work done to my larger projects till they are finished as they do not have pages and it's far too easy to forget what you did and didn't count.

I also finished some tiny things but as they are only 4 of a set of 12 I'm not going to count them till the full set of 12 is complete.


  1. Your purchases look great. Your off to a good start to SFS. I love your ornaments....They are beautiful!

  2. Congrats on the cute finishes.


  3. You did really well! That yummy yummy....

    1. Thanks <3 Yes it is, I'm so glad I decided to get more of the colours :)

  4. You had a great start into SFS - I think I shall convert my budget to euro as well this year...

  5. Congrats on sweet finishes!