Saturday, 8 February 2014

UFO #11: Almost half way!

Just one more "row" of the centre squares / circles / whatchamacallits and I'll be exactly half way with the centre of the embroidery. I decided to take a photo of the complete work as it was time to re-hoop and it's easier to see how much has really been done when you can see it all than when you can only see a section in a hoop. You can really start to imagine how it will look when completed now.

It's late - silly o'clock even - so I'm off to bed now,  I'll be back tomorrow with the day's update.


  1. Wohoo! I am cheering for you to keep up the pace and finish soon, and I guess it's save to say everyone else is too ^_^

    1. Thanks :D Been a bit more slow today - not done any stitching yet but since I managed to do what I did in 4 days despite being ill I'm happy :)