Friday, 14 February 2014

UFO #11: Darkest green complete!

The trip to the dentist with youngest proved interesting - his filling was fixed and then the dentist noticed that one of the 3 baby teeth that is "locked" in place so it can't fall out was loose so he decided to "help" it come out by extracting it as that's the only way these 3 teeth can get removed. While he was having a closer look he also noticed that the second of the 2 was causing an infection so that one was also removed - the good thing about baby teeth is that it barely hurts and kids bounce back fast. Youngest wanted to go back to school before the 20 minutes with the gauze in the mouth time was up - he couldn't wait to show off his weird shaped tooth!

Of course I'd run out of painkillers last night so I also had to go to the shops again and that did me in completely. For most people yesterday and today would be all in a day's work and they would probably do more, for me it's pushed me over the edge of what I can do in a day and it's going to take me tomorrow and probably a chunk of Saturday too to recover.

However I did manage to complete all of the green stitches and a few of the light gold too. Hopefully while I rest up I can get more stitching done tomorrow.


  1. I'm so sorry! I hope you do get some much needed rest. Sounds like you have done nothing but GO GO GO all week. Having said that, will you finish the tile already!! ha ha!

    1. I did a bit of crash and burn and slept 10 hours last night as a bit of a catch up :)
      Don't worry It will be finished by the end of the weekend at the latest :D Today is all about resting, stitching (happens at the same time) and a cheats dinner aka fast to make food - possibly a "here's one I made earlier" from the freezer