Monday, 22 June 2015

Celtic Wolf - WIP post 38

Last time you saw Wolf I'd just finished the first section of the neck with 2325 stitches left to do. I mention this because as it turns out I was rather wrong about this number, mostly because I'd made a mistake when stitching and was one stitch off. I had to spend some time counting and working out where I'd made the mistake before I could decide what to do. It turned out that I had put a single stitch of the black outline one stitch too far to the right and it affected everything from just past the bit I'd already done to almost all the way to the top.

Like most people I do not enjoy ripping so I decided to make the most of the fact that the pattern is mine and adjusted the pattern to reflect reality. The plus point of all this is that the pattern I'm stitching shows up slightly better in the neck as it thins out as it's all one stitch wider than the pattern was. On Wolf himself nothing needs to change fortunately so I can continue as I was before.

Adding the stitches did of course add to the total and that went up by 44 stitches to 2369 before stitching started yesterday. A new number of stitches means I had to recalculate the minimum number of stitches I have to do a day and this has gone DOWN (amazingly) from 313 to 263 - at least it did till I recalculated after yesterday's stitching as it's down again to a mere 250 stitches a day - for the next 8 days as that's when the deadline is.
As you can see a fair amount was done yesterday: 368 stitches - mostly in the lightest gold and with Kreinik #4 braid.

Stitches done: 369
Total stitches:  15533
Total backstitches: 63.62 inches
Stitches left: 2000
Till tomorrow - where I will hopefully have met the minimum stitching amount!


  1. Boo for misscounting, but yay for figuring it out, making good progress and dropping stitch numbers per day ^_^

    1. :D Yeah it's nice to see the numbers dropping :)


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