Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Celtic Wolf - WIP post 37

Last time you saw Wolf he looked like this - spiral almost done and in the twilight. Since then I've been busy pushing myself beyond my limits and completed all the new cupboards and started moving stuff around to their place and fill them with things I want to keep. It's been pretty exhausting and my rheumatic joints have had a thing or two to say about it all, not to mention my long suffering back. However it's going to be completely worth it by the time it's all in its place and the new sofa has arrived.
As you can see I have now completed the spiral and I am now about to move the hoop so I can do the next section - I'm still busy with organising things so progress will not be as fast but I wasn't expecting to stitch on Wolf at all this week as I also had to take a little time away from Wolf to make this Friday's fob, which means that basically any stitching I do this week is a plus.

Stitches done: 231
Total stitches:  15165
Total backstitches: 63.62 inches
Stitches left: 2325


  1. Progress is progress, even if it's just a little :)


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