Monday, 8 June 2015

Celtic Wolf - WIP post 33

Yesterday saw the return of Wolf to my blog, with the new deadline looming I really need to get a move on with stitching, especially as I have the monthly fob pattern to make as well as the ornaments to plan for the beginning of next month. I have around 14 stitching days in total to complete Wolf which means I need at least 313 stitches a day to make it. Saturday I didn't manage enough stitches - but then I didn't start till the evening after the kids were in bed. Yesterday I did better as I managed to do 495 stitches as well as weeding and the usual Sunday things like lie in (the luxury of older kids who can amuse themselves and don't need mummy to make cereal for breakfast).
As you can see things are really starting to take shape with the copper pattern stitched, all I need to do is fill in the space around it with the 2 colours of gold I have - which should be nice and fast as no counting is required. The squares will all be filled in with Kreinik #4 braid in red and then later I will be using Kreinik Vatican Gold cord to do something on the red - but I won't be doing that till the end to avoid damage to the cord.

Stitches done: 495
Total stitches:  13870
Total backstitches: 63.62 inches
Stitches left: 3620

I hope you all have a good day - with plenty of stitching time! I will hopefully see you here again tomorrow.


  1. This is coming along quite nicely! It's absolutely stunning!

  2. If you can do that much on the outlines, I bet you can do plenty more stitches no for filling in! Looking great so far :)

    1. Thanks! Not going as fast as I'd like in the bands - skipping the stitches is slowing me down a bit.


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