Saturday, 10 November 2012

UFO #7: The last fish

I was tempted to crop this image so you could see the stitching more easily and then I realised that you would then not see how small it is compared to the other fish so I left it uncropped. Progress isn't going as fast as it was with the red fish but I'm getting there! Some days I get lots done - some days I don't however having to remember that I'm working in mirror image is slowing me down a little, especially when I need to start the next colour. The black bit is in the face of the fish. I have completed most of the darker green and white, all  of the lighter green and have started to do the black.


  1. AND, it looks like plenty of room for this fish :D

    1. Hehe yeah - with the two large fish I did each 5 stitches too close to the outer border this little fish has 10 stitches extra space to swim in ;)