Saturday, 24 November 2012

When things go wrong...

They keep going wrong. I fixed the lighter line near the bottom so that looks ok now but the higher up I go in the height of the glass the less like the pattern it looks and the more it looks like some weird something or another I'm hoping that somehow or another things come together but it's at least 4 shades darker than the pattern says it is so time will tell.

As you can see by comparing the two they look VERY different indeed. I have very carefully followed the pattern taking great care to use the correct colour as with a pattern with this many colours a small mistake can soon really mess things up.

At the time of writing I have only 30 colours left to do so I won't bore you with a massive list of colours used hehe.


  1. You haven't finished the beer yet and sometimes things don't look right until they are complete. If it still looks wonky then you will fix it and show us all how it's done! I like it so far, it's cute!

    1. You are right however it *is* much darker and that worries me - I am going to stick with it though it might work out after all :)