Sunday, 11 November 2012

UFO #7: The last fish complete!

The last fish is complete at last! It's not nearly as rainbow-ish as the photo in the magazine suggested however I'm happy with the result and am glad this project is *finally* finished.

Below is the result of all these weeks/years of work - perhaps not quite the way the designer intended but it's the way I wanted it and I'm happy with the result.
I've not yet decided how to frame it - that's a decision for another day.


  1. Absolutely beautiful! You've done an excellent work of it! All the colours of the fish are so vibrant. How will you finish this lovely piece? :)

    1. Thank you :D

      I'm not sure yet - the embroidery is being silent on the subject but I know it needs a border of some sort before I prepare it for hanging some how - either a frame or perhaps as a quilt.