Monday, 26 November 2012

Beer Ghost in MOvember complete!

I have no real idea how Beer Ghost managed to make himself a moustache as ghosts don't grow hair but I'm not going to ask either - some things one doesn't need to know and any way... he might want MY beer! He's looking in astonishment at the beer he was given in a pub as it's bigger than he is. He's also wondering why, when he ordered a pilsner, he got a bitter instead but, as he never wastes a beer when he sees one, that's a problem he can think over while he has this one.

As I mentioned in previous posts the embroidery of the beer did not turn out as expected as in the pattern creator it showed as a pilsner type beer but it ended up a lot darker and looks more like a bitter now. The difference in colour is probably because I mostly still have and use pre-1995 DMC. This is of significance because that's around the time they had to change how they dyed the threads due to new European laws and many colours are no longer exactly the same as they were.

All in all I'm happy with the end result even though it's not what I expected. I'm actually surprised it only took me a few days to make this.

The embroidery is 4 5/8" wide and 3 3/4" high / 11,75 cm wide x 9,5 cm high
Number of stitches: 2319
Fabric used: 18 ct / 7 squares per cm Aida
Date started: 19th November
Date completed: 25th November
There are 90 colours of DMC used in the embroidery in total - 88 in the glass of beer and 18 in the beer ghost

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