Tuesday, 6 August 2019

Weavers Birds SAL - Part 8

Welcome to the eighth part of the Weavers Birds SAL! This month you get the middle part of this band - those of you waiting to see what colour to use where will probably see enough to make decisions now! Well for the most part anyway...
This is what yours will look like once you have finished stitching this part. I haven't made a key this week - I think it all speaks for itself now.

Next month you get the third (and last) part of this band!

You can find the black and white pattern here
You can find the colour pattern here

If you are stitching this too and want to join us on Facebook just go to the Facebook group and apply!

If you want to (also) join in on Instagram or Twitter all you need to do is use the tag #WeaversBirdsSAL and my name @Magical525 and I'll be sure to look in on your work and possibly even re-tweet it if it's on Twitter!

I'll see you tomorrow for this month's Finish It In... 2019 post (hopefully!), on Thursday for the NFSAL pattern,  Friday for the 50 x 50 For 2019 - as always it's busy here at the beginning of the month!


  1. I just found your blog while I was looking for School of Magical Stitches. I am in love with your blog and your patterns and your generosity is beyond any boundaries. Thank you for your time and your talent and your beautiful patterns. I am currently drooling over your Monthly Ornaments. I do have a question on the material you use for your cord and tassel. Craft Thread? Are you using 100% Mercerized cotton, non-divisible and fray resistant? Or, Craft Cotton Floss? I thought you would use DMC Flosses to match the stitching shades and shine. Thank you in advance for your help.

    1. I'm so glad you found my blog! I'm so glad you like my patterns. For the cording I use cheaper threads that are usually meant for making friendship bracelets and the like. I do this as normal DMC is pretty expensive here in The Netherlands and craft thread comes in packs of 20 threads in 10 colours and is dirt cheap but not nice to stitch with but for tassels and cording it's not such a big deal. I have collected enough colours over the years to frequently (but not always) have a close enough match that colour wise it's not obviously another colour. It has enough of a shine that it's not so obvious from a distance but if DMC was as cheap here as it is in the USA I'd use DMC for it all.


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