Wednesday, 7 February 2018

WIP Wednesday

Last week the Weavers Tapestry Band Sampler looked like this. Normally you would not have to play spot the difference but as I mentioned yesterday I used the seam ripper as much as the needle and didn't get much of anywhere with it so I put it aside before I flung it into a bin.

If you look carefully you will see that I have less stitches on now than I did last week - the beasts are in the doghouse!
The Randje per Week received an extra band from me last week but this week I only did the bands supplied.
The leaf border I decided to turn into autumn leaves but left as is compared to the pattern, which was taken from a border with some mistakes - and the mistakes were left in place. The second border I mirrored along the middle and made the larger leafy bits into petals instead.
This got set aside a bit longer than the penguins but it got some quality time from me last weekend, all the cross stitch is complete and the backstitching has started! I made a few colour changes - all related to the pink - but I'll tell all when it's finished.
As you can see the fabric is VERY skimpy for this and I had to do a lot of the cross stitch without a hoop - something my hands HATE with a vengeance. Backstitch is a different movement and is always done without a hoop so my hands are ok with that. I was going to do the red first but then realised that I need to be able to see where to stop so am doing the dark grey backstitch first.
Last week when I made my WIP Wednesday post my Ornament of the Month looked like this. When I made the Friday Freebie post with the pattern it looked like this
On Friday it looked like this and after this photo I did a little more work on it but not much - I was in dire need of another colour. Purple is not my colour and although I like it more than pink I still tire of it as a colour very quickly - it does however have a good place in things like rainbows so that's why I started with purple.
As you can see only a little backstitch was added and a few cross stitches of the next triangle.

This week's new start is the Fob a Month that is due on Friday, not much to see yet but it should be finished in time!

That's all for this week - hopefully I will get more forward than backward stitching done next week!

I'll see you Friday for the Friday freebie!


  1. Great progress! I like the new pattern on the ornament and I can't wait to see one of these finished :)

    1. Thank you! That pattern took a lot of work so I'm glad you like it :D I'm working on finishing things.. slowly.. very slowly hehe.