Wednesday, 15 October 2014

It's been a while.... again...

It's been a while since I last posted, mostly because I just can't share what I'm working on which then puts me off from sharing my TUSAL jars. The past 6 days my index finger has been so swollen I can't stitch, so instead I have embarked on my own Doctor Who scarf, something I've been wanting to do for many years. Seeing Carla's finished one certainly inspired me to get started - anything she can do I can also do - or at least that's what I try to convince myself.

As I cannot knit too well and find it far too slow I decided to crochet it and am using the inches pattern for the Hero scarf from Doctor Who scarf as the basis of my work as it's easier to measure amounts than try to guess rows. I decided to use Carla's yarn amounts as the basis of my own yard order and added 1 ball to each to make up for the fact that I'm doing crochet. I had some trouble finding the right green, brown and purple and decided in the end to use Drops Paris I didn't take the time to check their own site which I linked here as I thought the photo's on the site I bought the yarn from were clear enough. As a result I didn't see that the purple that they have might have been a better match than the "dark old pink" that the site I was on called aubergine (and in honesty it is a more purple than the pinkish colour on the drops site).

Below you will see the daily progress I made over the last 6 days - it's been going really fast, even though the last 2 days I haven't done so much and might not manage much today either.
 This is the yarn I bought - LOTS - better known as 29 balls.
The first day's work didn't start so well - I got muddled and made it too wide... twice! The first time I had made the chain 12 1/2 inches wide when It was supposed to be 11 and didn't notice till I was 9 rows in - aarrgghh! I started again as I didn't want to use more yarn than I already had bought and knew that a wider scarf would use more yarn. Even though the chain was 11 inches the second time it became 12 after adding the first row of stitches so I removed some stitches till I was 11 inches and then fiddled and removed the chains from the "starting" end of the chain - not the official way to do it but well.. it worked hehe. By pure coincidence it turns out that one double stitch = 1/2 inch with this yarn and a size 5 hook. In the end I ended up finishing the first 24 rows = 12 inches on the first day.

The second day I did an additional 36 rows = 18 inches bringing the total to 60 rows = 30 inches.
Day 3 resulted in me having to "squish" the scarf to fit the width of my dining room table, which I've been using as the background for the photo's. I'd done 19 rows - 9 1/2 inches - I'd now done a total of 51 1/2 inches
On the 4th day I managed to do 44 rows = 22 inches, quite a bit more than the other days so far. I had now done 73 1/2 inches
Day 5 it had grown even more and as you can see it's starting to get rather difficult to photograph in it's entirety.
 21 rows done so 10 1/2 inches. I had spent quite a bit of the evening dyeing my sheets/duvet cover and didn't get as much done. Total completed: 84 1/2 inches. I had passed the half way point on this day - so happy it's going this fast!
Yesterday was day 6 and I reached this stage despite it being wash day - so again lots of going up and down stairs and feeling tired. Even so I managed another 20 rows so added another 10 inches to the final result bringing it to 94 1/2 inches complete.

I'm not sure how far I will get today, been taking photo's of the results of my dyeing 2 days ago after wrestling the massive duvet cover on (king sized) and flipping my mattress as it was that time of the month to do that. The next post will be all about the dyeing and the results.


  1. First of all HURRAH for blogging!! Secondly HURRAH for Dr. Who Scarf and it seems that crochet is getting it done so much faster and add to it that you are only doing the Hero Scarf (I should have thought of that) I applaud you!

    I'm off to the next blog for further adventure :D

  2. :D

    Yes crochet is getting it done much faster - there are a LOT less rows to do for starters ;) I'm doing the full Hero scarf though - so the series 12 one with out the bits that were removed later on for what ever reason.

    As of today's twitter update there are only 82 rows left to do :)

    1. That is so amazing to me! I love how quickly yours is coming about :D

    2. I am really happy it's going this fast! bf is considering asking me to make one too.. but first wants to see this one in person :)

      Double crochet FTW!! At this rate the scarf will be ready by Sunday, so well in time for winter :D

  3. Hooray for bloggity-lifesigns, and yay, crochet and Dr Who! You're really fast, I did a scarf in crochet once and it took forever, but it was also with a size 3 needle or something like that...yours is growing wonderfully, please keep us updated once it gets finished ^_^

    1. :D A size 5 needle really does make a difference - as does double crochet stitches double the height for the price of one ;)

      Don't worry - I will, have a post planned today with 2 days worth of progress, which should be the last one till it's finished as I'm on track to finish it on sunday :)