Thursday, 23 October 2014

More adventures with crochet

 So last Sunday I placed an order for a knook hook and some yarn to knook with, and while I was on the online shop I got side tracked by some other yarn - Spray by Lang Yarns as it looked lovely and soft and I loved the colour but it was 100% wool. I wasn't sure if it would work for me due to my allergies for animals but I decided to risk it as I needed to know and one of my kids might have liked it enough to want it instead. I got 3 balls of 50 grams. It took a few goes as I'd initially made it too wide and I did not have had enough yarn to do more than 1/3 of a scarf at that width. So I pulled it ALL out and started again - part of me wanted to make it a different size so I had to rip out several rows more than a few times but in the end after 2 days of crocheting and ripping I have my lovely soft scarf.

I love how the yarn is not the same width - some places it's fluffy, some skinny and it goes really fast too! It's not my usual length or width but as an autumn scarf it's perfect.

Yarn: 3 balls of Spray by Lang Yarns in colour 879.0097
Stitch: Double crochet (US stitch name)
Hook size: 9/N
14 stitches wide x 65 rows
6 1/2" x 54 1/2" / 16.51 cm x 138.43 cm

The Crochet WIP:

I still had several balls of yarn left from doing my Doctor Who scarf and hat so decided to make some slippers using the colours with a full ball of wool left. I chose a pattern from the drops website that used the Paris yarn I have. I didn't have a size 4 crochet hook but the new knook hook I'd ordered was a size 4 so I decided to use that. The Paris yarn normally uses a size 5 hook in case you were wondering how I did the Who scarf without a size 4 hook.
I started by making the 2 granny squares and was planning on doing both at the same time but it was going too slowly for me so i opted to just go back to doing one at a time. I realised while doing the stripes that I had chosen a rather rastafarian colour scheme but that was just a happy accident. This was started before I started the completed scarf above but using a size 4 hook on size 5 yarn is painful after a while and my hands  needed the rest from it.

I have also done some more stitching on my secret cross stitch project.


  1. I love that yarn "spray"! For a minute I was trying to figure out how you were going to make the granny squares into slippers until I saw the pattern and sat here saying OOOOOOOHHHHH! It makes sense and those are going to be so cute!


    1. It is lovely :)

      Hehe yeah.. it does seem weird to start with a granny square but it seems to be working. Not sure about quite - they seem a bit odd when unworn so far - got the toe on one now and am working my way round the sides of the other. Hopefully it will work out in the end :) either way they will be nice and cosy for the autumn on my cold tile floor.

  2. Wow, I totally forgot how super fast and productive you can be! Did I even comment your last post with the finished scarf and that wonderful hat yet? And now another scarf and those slippers, I love what you're doing!

    1. Hehe I can get a lot done when I get into high speed mode, not going as fast with embroidery lately, wanting to do other stuff than I have to and that's really taking away the will to stitch :/

      I'm glad you like it :) Using my rainbow yarn now to make a shawl - not sure how big it's going to be though, only have the one ball and don't love it enough to buy more. Slippers are going more slowly as it's painful to work them.