Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Mike's Mushrooms - Update 3 & IHSW

As you can see I got a fair bit of progress done since I updated on Sunday, even though it's not complete you can clearly see where it's going now. The bit I was worried about turned out to be the shadowed part of the stalk of the second mushroom, so that's a bit of a relief hehe. Having done all the "large" bits of colour I decided to just start at the top of the list of colours and work my way down so I don't end up with 20 odd colours with just one or two stitches at the end - something I hated with the last section.

About this project:
This is a "large" and complicated cross stitch project based on a photograph by a really talented Alaskan photographer who was incredibly kind and said I could make a cross stitch of it. The photographer is Mike Gates, go check out his site - his work is amazing!

The pattern was made for me as a prize for winning a competition on dA. It's 10 inches wide  x 14 1/2 inches high = 180 x 261 stitches on 18 ct coffee dyed Aida and it uses 147 colours. I am truly intimidated but I did ask for the pattern to be as close to the photo as possible and didn't limit size or colours and I certainly got what I asked for!

The incomplete half of this section is what I managed to do during the IHSW ( I extended it a day hehe), not as much as I'd have liked but I have been plagued by wisdom tooth coming through, which broke a tooth... fortunately today is dentist day (at last!) and I can see what he can do to help me with it - anything is better than having to deal with this pain without being able to take painkillers due to my allergies.


  1. Love it! I imagine from what is stitched already, it will be quite beautiful. I always find phot stitching actually is brighter and more realistic. I am working, or should say have been working on a blue iguana piece that a talented photographer allowed me to use. Sorry to say, it,s been left aside for a while, but seeing your lovey piece quite motivates me to pick it up again. Thanks! :)