Tuesday, 16 October 2012

UFO updates, TUSAL and IHSW October.

UFO #7 is coming along slowly mostly because I haven't been stitching at my computer the past week. That isn't to say that I'm not stitching but I've not been well and have had to rest a lot which means spending time in bed to avoid me wandering off and doing other stuff instead of resting. Since the pattern for this UFO is scanned and in use on my computer as it's too small to read easily and I'm out of printer ink I couldn't take this upstairs with me to stitch on. Enter UFO #8 the Sagittarius star sign by Lanarte which has a nice easy to read pattern. (I'd link to it but it's not possible to link directly to their page for it)

When I started UFO #8 on Thursday it looked like this ^  and now it looked like this before my last session of embroidery:

The Centaur is completely finished now except for the backstitching on the head and bow/arrow and I've started the single thread (the rest is done with 2 threads) background in a slightly darker shade of blue. What bothers me about this pattern is the gold splodge on both places where technically genitals *could* be.. what were they trying to do with these badly placed gold patches?

TUSAL: my jar is almost completely full this month it was started with the shells snippets and the leftovers from it, my First biscornu, then the 8 colour challenge, the fish UFO and last of all the star sign I mentioned above. If you look carefully you may spot the gold thread at the top and the silver and glow in the dark just under the greens.

IHSW October is this coming weekend - don't miss out and make time to stitch! If all goes I'll be able to find a bit of time to stitch during the weekend.


  1. This is so wonderful! I have a bit of catching up to do on your blog. I'm so sorry you weren't feeling well :( Give in to the need for rest, you will be happier later that you did.

    1. Thanks! Don't worry my blog just keeps on growing ;)

      Don't worry I do make sure I get enough rest now - My body had to remind me but I'm listening again :)