Thursday, 4 October 2012

Tortilla cake

The other day I made a tortilla "cake" I called this a tortilla cake because I baked it in a cake tin and I did it like that because I wasn't up to making a bunch of burrito's to put in the oven so decided to make my life easy. It's a bit like making lasagne.

  • 1 pack of  tortilla's - I used small tomato flavoured ones because that's what I had in the house.
  • A pound of minced (ground) meat - I used half pork and half beef but you can use what ever you prefer.
  • 1/2 - 1 sachet  of taco spices - or use your own mix of herbs  if you prefer.
  • Chillies (optional)
  • Half a pound of grated cheese
  • Tinned or fresh tomatoes diced (1 tin or about a pound of tomatoes).
  • Tin of tomato purée (optional - Best used if you only add half a pack of taco herbs)
  • 2 finely chopped onions.
First make the sauce - this can be done in advance and left over night (makes for a better taste) if you are short of time on the day.

  1. In a large pan fry the onions in a bit of oil, margarine or butter.
  2. Once softened add the meat and fry till brown using a spatula or wooden spoon to break the mince up into little bits.
  3. If using fresh tomatoes: Once brown add the tomatoes and fry for a bit and a pint of water (about 500 ml )
  4. If using tinned tomatoes then add the tomatoes and about 2 tins of water.
  5. If using the tomato purée add it now.
  6. Add the taco herbs at this stage and mix well.
  7. Bring to the boil and allow to gently simmer for a good 30 minutes this will allow the tomatoes to get nice and soft.
To make the cake:
  1. Preheat the oven to 170 C / 340 F.
  2. Find a round cake tin (a spring form is easiest) that is about the same size as the tortilla's.
  3. Butter the cake tin.
  4. Set aside half the cheese
  5. Place a tortilla at the bottom - don't worry if some edges stick up a little, tortilla's are not perfectly round - just press against the sides and make sure that every time you add a layer that sticky up bit ends up in another place.
  6. Spread some sauce over it, about 3 - 4 tablespoons
  7. Sprinkle a little cheese over the top of the sauce. 
  8. Place another tortilla on top.
  9. Repeat till you place the last tortilla in the tin.
  10. Put another layer of cause on and use a liberal amount of cheese you set aside earlier on the top.
  11. Bake in the oven for about 20 minutes (if you used warm sauce) / 35 minutes if you used fridge cold sauce.
  12. Leave to stand for a few minutes then remove from the cake tin .

I know we did!


  1. YES!!!! I'm making it this Sunday! Thank you.

    1. Awesome! I hope you enjoy it as much as we did :D

      You are welcome :)