Tuesday, 23 October 2012

UFO #7 - The next fish...

This little fish is the next one I'm doing - he's bright, cheerful and has a nice smiley face - you can see the full length of his body here (well excluding fins) and is right now only a little bigger than the tail of the last fish.

This one only uses 10 colours - I know I said 9 before but I forgot to count the colour I ran out of lol.

For the curious (and especially Kate *wink* ) Here is what the whole embroidery looks like as seen in the magazine I found the pattern in:

The magazine is the Burda special with maritime patterns, E 317 printed in 1995. I'm doing the central area within the green border without the shell border as I really can't cope with all that pink. I'm going to be embroidering the fish that's looking the "wrong" way (middle top row) in mirror image as my inner OCD person doesn't like that one fish is looking the "wrong" way and I do like keeping my inner OCD person happy when it comes to crafts.


  1. HA! Love it :D I completely agree that one must keep the inner OCD happy, our love for stitching shouldn't be dampened by silly things like backwards fish (or blobby bats in our current project that shouldn't be there) :D

    1. Exactly - it's also the best way to keep the inner OCD inside us and not spilling over the edges and driving ourselves and others "nuts".