Monday, 22 October 2012

UFO #7 Update

This weekend I got a lot of embroidery done in between everything else I did - it seemed like when I was embroidering time did a wobbly and I suddenly got more time because the needle was flying! Everything you see done below that wasn't in the last blog update was done this weekend. I did as much of the body of the fish as I could but I ran out of the pale yellow (3078) 5 minutes before the shop closed for the weekend on Saturday and since I live 15 minutes away there was no chance of getting more till tomorrow as the nearest shop doesn't open on Monday either.

I did as much of the backstitching as I could till the thread ran out near the bit with the missing yellow so that when I have bought the yellow I don't have much left to do of the hated backstitch. Now that this photo is made I'm going to move the hoop to a more useful place so I can go and do the tail, then this fish will go on hold till I've got more of the yellow.

The next fish in this project is a bright happy smiley yellow fish :)


  1. Coming along very nicely! Nice pattern with all the pretty fish. I have a row of fish stitched hanging in my bathroom. :)

  2. Yes it is! I had planned to stitch more today but it didn't happen to plan.

    I bet that's lovely to see every day - do you have a picture of it somewhere?