Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Weavers Tapestry Band Sampler SAL: Part 24

Welcome back for part 24 of the Weavers Tapestry Band Sampler SAL! We are now half way with the patterns! We are however NOT half way with the stitch count! I hear a collective gasp of horror as you imagine there is more to go, but this is where I have good news: we are over half way with stitching (well at least those of you who have stitched all the parts so far)

This is the top half of the embroidery - the centre line of the pattern is at the bottom of this week's pattern section. Once you have stitched this week's pattern this is what yours will look like.

Time for some stats to clarify what I said above.
Total stitches: 34 941 (half = 17 470.5)
Stitches stitched so far: 22 018
Stitches stitched so far without border: 13 546
Border: 8472
Stitches if you have been stitching the border as you stitch the middle: 17782

So you can see that if you have stitched the border first - or are stitching it along with the weekly patterns you are over half way after this week's pattern!

And for those stitching in more than one colour:
As always click to enlarge! The point where the stalk goes behind the animal and is then visible is of course open to your personal interpretation - what I have given is just to assist decision making.

Next week more leg!

You can find the black and white pattern here
You can find the colour pattern here

If you are stitching this too and want to join us on Facebook just go to the Facebook group and apply!

If you want to (also) join in on Instagram or Twitter all you need to do is use the tag #weaverstapestrybandsamplersal and/or my name @Magical525 and I'll be sure to look in on your work and possibly even re-tweet it if it's on Twitter!

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