Thursday, 28 May 2015

SFS - May

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From last month the carry over was € 29.59

This month:

Month: May
Budget:  € 25.00
Spent: €20.00
Earned: € 14.68
Carry over: (€ 29.59 + € 14.68 + € 25.00) - € 20.00 = € 49.27

My spending:

This month I bought some beads to do my May and June ornaments. In the photo's on the bead site the beads to the left looked like they were transparent with a nice rainbow like sparkle but in reality they are blueish rather than anything else so will not be use able as "moonstone" for the June ornament. The green beads were bought for May's Emerald ornament, I was happy to find I'd chosen a good colour. On the far right you can see beads that are for July's ornament. The string of beads below them all are real moonstone chips. As I had a coupon I only had to pay € 20.00.


As always the site kindly included some lovely beads for me as a gift packed in a cute gift bag, this month the string of beads did not match what I'd already bought but were the same as I'd received previously, which means that I now have more in stock - a wonderful thing!
At the end of April my darling bf came to visit and somehow managed to fit all this into his bag for me and the kids, including 2 cross stitch magazines and 5 packs of craft thread to top up what I already had. Much feasting was had due to the yummy foods brought along and I spent an age putting the 100 skeins of craft thread onto bobbins - 2 of each colour per packet, with only a couple of overlaps between the packs and between what I already had.
Here you can see all my craft thread in their box just waiting for me to need some for tassels, cord or anything else I need a lot of thread for - I just love having this on hand!

My subscription stuff:

I have a monthly subscription at Jodyri for the monthly hand dyed fabric, monthly hand dyed thread and a subscription for a set of 5 threads from the standard collection. May's theme was Birthday Candles as it's the site's second year of doing business.


My earnings:

The May ornaments:
This month I finished 2 ornaments as usual using the pattern I've made for my Ornament of the Month SAL. The fabric is 16ct antique white Aida that I got last summer when I was in the UK and the threads are from my stash, most of which were collected before 1995 though of course I have since added any new colours and topped up colours I finished. The seed beads I bought this month and the pendent beads I already had.

As you can see the photo's were taken on different days, in reality they are both the same colour. The bigger ornament is 47 stitches square and the smaller one 35 stitches square so each ornament earns me $ 4.00 each for a total of $ 8.00 which according to the currency converter today is € 7.34

Fob a Month May Edition:

For May's Fob a Month I made a two sided fob - one red and one blue. I used fabric thread and beads mostly from older stash, but one of the threads was bought last month. You can find the pattern here:  A Fob a Month - 3. It's 28 x 36 stitches, which according to the rules should be calculated to a square (28+36 = 64/2=32) so the fob earns me $ 4.00 per side for a total of $ 8.00 which is € 7.34

This brings my total earnings at:  € 7.34 + € 7.34 = € 14.68

I have not finished anything else yet but I have been working very hard to make June's ornaments as there are 3 birthstones in June, one of which has 2 very different colours depending on the light source, so I designed a pattern for each! I will also have to complete Celtic Wolf - the beading was a disaster so I'm back to stitching the neck area after all - the deadline for this is June 30th. So next month there will be lots of finishes.


  1. What a beautiful blog entry! So much eye candy...between you and Leonore it's going to be difficult to NOT spend I must remain busy and NOT online shopping :D I said it before...those fobs are awesome!

    1. Thank you! Well it's that time of the month for the new ornaments and you don't need to shop to make them :)

  2. I think by now 80% of your spending this year is on beads, but so worth it! They are lovely, and what you make with them is even more lovely :)

    1. You are probably right - I have bought a lot of beads this year. And even used some of them! I have had a lot of my beads for years and keep finding new ways to use them so they will not be wasted :)