Friday, 12 August 2011

I CAN do magic!

 As you can see in the image above the sofa was looking pretty tired and grubby - even after washing the covers they still looked dirty so I decided to bite the bullet and do something about it. Since making new covers would have been too expensive I decided to dye the covers instead and chose a dark brown dye and hoped it would work out ok on the green covers. It took me two days to do this as for each of the 4 loads i had to do a wash, dye wash and rinse wash so that was a total of 12 washes. Then I had to wrestle the covers back on, which wasn't an easy task and I broke 4 nails and took off a fair bit of skin from my knuckles in the process. My hands look like I've been in a bar fight!

Below is the resulting colour - it looks a bit greenish brown from some angles but I do like how it came out :) It's certainly not as dark as the dye packet promised but on the other hand it now looks nice and clean and has made the whole room look different. 

So yes I CAN do magic! With the help of a couple of packets of dye and some salt *wink*

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