Sunday, 7 August 2011

Chocolate Orange cake...

When making the mini cupcakes the other day I had gotten a bit carried away with making chocolate orange batter so had quite a bit leftover (about half a batch) so I decided to make a cake out of it using 2 of the 4 inch cake tins. After letting it cool (and after a trip to the shops for marmalade) I did the following:
  1. Split the 2 cakes in half.
  2. Filled each cake with marmalade - I used thick cut for this as i like finding chunks of orange peel.
  3. I then covered the lower cake top with Nutella (you know you like it *wink*)
  4. I placed the second cake on top and added a thin layer of Nutella on the top too (don't do the sides with Nutella - i know it's yummy but... it's overpowering too, especially on a little cake like this.)
  5. I added some chocolate sprinkles.
You can also do this with a bought normal chocolate cake - or swap the marmalade for cherry jam (if you don't have orange chocolate batter that is *wink* )



  1. I was going to post that cat-face pic I made, but I can't find it lol. . .

  2. You mean this one: ? Funny thing is that I'd *just* finished sewing that into the latest block lol