Sunday, 30 August 2015

Tons of Tiny - July & August Edition

What is Tons of Tiny? In short it's a SAL where you stitch small projects and talk about them. Last time I posted I had brought the number of tiny's I'd finish finished to 27, this time I'm going to raise that number even more, though not by so much as my stitching has slowed down this summer and I only finished things that had blog deadlines other than Celtic Wolf which is too large to count.


From 11th June till 10th July I stitched the following items that count as a tiny:
The Mucha Princess inspired fob - you can read all about it, and find the pattern for both this and several other colour variations here: Fob a Month - 4. You can also finish this as a normal biscornu as Carla did with hers, you can find the photo here: Tons of Tiny Everything Since April....I Think

And as usual I made my Ornament of the Month - this time just the one as I still need to do the garland finish one. As this is the ornament finish I added the border from the wall hanging option to make it larger than the basic ornament, that I finish as a garland addition. It's 3" square and made on 16ct antique white Aida with 3 colours of DMC, seed beads and a bicone. You can find the pattern here: Ornament of the month - July


From 11th July till 10th August I didn't stitch as much, mostly because I went on holiday with my bf for 10 days in this time and of course I was quite busy in the run up to it. I did however find time to do the monthly fob, though I posted about it after I returned.
The Fob of the Month fob was inspired by my holiday plans: to go to Hastings pirate day and be a wench for the day. I used glow in the dark thread for this just to add a bit of a surprise that one would not normally expect from a fob. You can find the pattern here: Fob a Month - 5

Last of all I did the August ornament of the month It's the same size etc as the ornament above, except I used a flower bead instead of a bicone on the tassel. You can find the pattern here: Ornament of the Month - August

As all of these are single sided, that brings the grand total to 31 tiny's


  1. Oh Magical, Queen of the Tinies! You have so many pretty little finishes this year, it's really lovely to look at ^_^

    1. I have to admit that I have been doing a lot more small stuff as a result of Carla's SAL - and my own 2 of course - but Carla's has really pushed me to try and do more small stuff. :) Thanks! :D

  2. Congrats on all of the cute finishes.


  3. gosh I just cannot decide which ornament I love the best! I hope you do the fobs for the new princesses as they are released...they are so FUN!

    1. I'm glad you are having trouble choosing! Perhaps - but then different than the ones I already made.