Monday, 10 August 2015

A Fob a Month - 5

As some of you may have noticed the July Fob a Month was not posted on the usual date. It was due 3 days before I was due to go on holiday and in the rush to pack there just was no time to post the fob even though I had completed stitching it. Once I got back I had almost forgotten it was due and so here we are several weeks later with the pattern at last!

After the last pattern I decided to make an easier one and felt it was high time the glow in the dark thread came out of the box to play. I stitched it on black even weave to make it show up better but if you prefer you can stitch it with black thread on a light background too.

This year I went to the Hastings Pirate day for the 4th year running and wanted to stitch a fob to reflect my holiday plans which is why I chose the most commonly known "pirate speak" word I know of which is "Arr"
The fob is 3/4" high and 3" wide. 7 x 25 stitches
What you need to make the example above:
  • 1 piece of  6" x 6" 25ct black Jobelan
  • DMC E940 (glow in the dark) or 310 (black) if you are working on a light fabric
  • Your stuffing of choice
  • Black craft thread for the cord and tassel (or just use black DMC)
  • Black seed beads
  • A large crystal bicone
You can download the pdf pattern here:  Fob a Month - 5 pdf pattern

  • The black lines are the back stitch lines needed to make the fob - for the back of the fob you can either just do the back stitches or do the pattern a second time. I did the back stitches in glow in the dark.
  • If you want your fob to *really* glow use a matching Kreinik glow in the dark blending filament - it really does help make it glow! 
  • I make my tassels by wrapping craft thread a good 10 times around a bit of thick card that is 1/16th inch thick and 1" wide.
  • I make the cord by measuring out 5 x the length I want. then I loop it around a knitting needle or chopstick and put that though a slatted chair back to hold it in place while I twist then folding it in half and putting a knot in the ends.

Instructions: Fold the fabric in half before starting - on each half you will stitch either the back or the front at least 1/4"away from the centre line so you have 1/4" seam allowance. This is one of those rare occasions that starting with the back stitching is a good idea.

Stitch the letters making sure you consult the pattern carefully for placement. Then cut the pieces out 1/4" away from the back stitch lines.

Place the 2 pieces wrong sides together and fold the seam lines between the layers and whip stitch the 2 sides together only going through the back stitch lines, the same as you would for a biscornu, adding a black bead every other stitch. On the diagonal lines I added a bead every stitch.

At the first pointy end add the loop and at the other pointy end add the tassel. About 1" before you reach the beginning of your stitching stop stitching and stuff the fob with a filling of your choice, then continue to ship stitch the sides together.

I hope you enjoy this pattern, please do share a link to yours if you make it!