Friday, 17 April 2015

A Fob a Month - 2

Welcome to the second instalment of my Fob a Month project! This month the flowers are out in bloom and even my apple tree is joining in, though sadly the flowers are not completely open yet so the flowers you see in the photo are still buds. I decided I didn't want to be left out and found a delightful piece of blossom artwork over on Deviant Art made by VAMPSTOCK as the base of the pattern, you can see the original image here: Blossom Texture Vampstock. I'm sure you can see why I loved it so much that I chose to use it!
Because I liked the flowers so much I really wanted to do more than one on the fob but in order to do that I'd lose the prettiness of the flowers so I decided instead to do the group of flowers as an extra pattern for a pincushion and do a single flower for the fob. This month's pattern means that I have been rather specific with colour however if you have a colour that is close feel free to substitute it but be aware you won't get quite the same result.

The fob is 1 7/8" square.
The pincushion is 3 3/4" square.

What you need to make the example above:
  • 2 pieces of 4 1/2" square for the pincushion, I used 28ct light brown Jobelan
  • 2 pieces of 3" square for the fob, I used 28ct light brown Jobelan
  • DMC thread in the following colours:
    • 602
    • 605
    • 666
    • 818
    • 819
    • 891
    • 892
    • 893
    • 894
    • 4000 (colour variations)
  • Sewing thread
  • Your stuffing of choice
  • 1 skein of pink variegated craft thread 
  • DMC or thread to coordinate with the variegated thread 
Note about fabric choice: if you prefer just use evenweave/Aida on one side and use another fabric for the back.

You can find the pattern here

Instructions: First stitch the patterns onto one each of the sizes of fabric. Press the embroideries face down onto a fluffy towel to make them crease free. Before turning the embroideries over you need to mark the stitching lines.
On the back of the fob count 3 threads from each side and using a chalk pen, light sensitive pen or water soluble pen, mark the stitching lines.
On the back of the pincushion you need to count 10 threads on the sides with a bit of branch and 14 threads on the top and bottom, this will keep the pincushion square.

For both:
Place the embroidery right side down onto the backing, for the fob you need to remember to tuck the cord - see below for instructions - into one of the corners. Sew the seams using a back stitch over 2 or 3 threads to make sure the filling can't escape, leave an opening of about 1 - 2" on one side so you can turn the work. Tip: if you finger press each side of the the whole seam line of that open side down you will mark where your stitching line is for closing the seam later. Trim the corners to about 1/16" away from the seam lines to reduce bulk.

Carefully turn the items and use a chopstick/knitting needle or something similar to carefully poke the corners into place. Stuff them and close the seams.

Use 1/4 of the skein of craft thread to make the cording and tassel for the fob, just loop it round a chopstick that's either held by someone or slide it behind something that will let you stand on the other side to twist, like the slatted back of a chair. Twist the thread till it's really tight and carefully fold it in half. don't let go of the end you held while twisting and take the end that was around the chopstick in that hand too and tie a knot to avoid it coming loose again. You will need a section of 6" for the fob loop and the rest will be used around the fob and for the tassel.

For the cord of the pincushion take the left over thread and fold it in half, then fold it in half again and put the chopstick through the side with 2 loops, twist as before to make the cord but this time use a paper clip or bulldog clip to stop it from unravelling.

For the fob start at the corner opposite the loop, for the pincushion you can start at any corner. Leave 3/4 of the end of the cord loose as you will need that to make the tassel. Cord is best stitched in place by letting the thread follow the curve of the cord - just let your thread show you where it can go between the ridges of the cord and make the stitch so the needle comes out at the beginning of the next place, this will make your stitches almost invisible. At the corners of the pincushion make a loop that's 3/4" and using the thread that's on the needle wrap it around about 10 times before continuing along the sides. When you reach the end bring both ends together and wind the thread around 10 times before fixing the stitching thread in place and cutting it.

To make the tassels: cut the cord of the pincushion at the half way point, unravel the cord and then use a needle to pull each individual thread loose. For the fob and the starting corner of the pincushion cut the starting end so it can unravel and then do as above. Trim the ends to 3/4".

I hope you enjoy these patterns, please do share a link to yours if you make them!


  1. I haven't started the fobs yet, but I will! I think I mentioned the second one looks very Hawaiian, which I like very much! Or Japanese (like the cherry blossom), either way it's pretty and I want to stitch it :D

    1. LD Yes you did! I'm glad you like them that much :D

  2. That flower artwork is awesome, and so are your patterns :) Very pink, you wouldn't expect that from something you did! I hope I'll get to that soon, so I can finish the first one as well :)

    1. I agree it is awesome! Aww thanks <3 Umm yeah .. but.. but.. but blossom!!! I can't wait to see your fobs finished!


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