Thursday, 16 May 2013

The TUSAL jar

Every month on or around the new moon I post a picture of a jar of threads that are leftover from projects of the lunar month that has just past. My dear friend Carla asked me what size my jar is and what I do with the threads when the post has been made. Since this involves a photo or two I decided to make a little blog post with my reply.

First of all I measured the contents of an empty jar by filling it to the bit where the neck starts with water and then pouring that into a measuring cup that also has cups marked. It filled 1 1/4 cup. I rooted around and found the last jar of this shape that still has the label on (the company changed the jars from this nice shape to a boring normal jar shape recently) It says it contains 450 grams of jam which converted to imperial is 15.873 oz or 0.992 pounds, so that should hopefully answer the size of jar question.
Then on to what I do with my threads - or more accurately what I don't do, as all I do when I have made the monthly photo is put the lid on the jar, add a sticker with the month and year and put it on a shelf as I find the strata in the jars very pretty. I've currently got them on the large wall unit above the TV but I'm planning on hanging a shelf or two in my computer corner for them to go on instead.
You will see that the jars change orientation after the 4th one from the left. I did that because that's where 2012 becomes 2013, so everything on the left is 2012 and everything on the right is this year's.

And there you have it.. all you wanted to know about my TUSAL jars and more hehe.


  1. **clapping loudly**
    That is AWESOME and does answer that question ha ha! My next question is how will you get more of those great jars or will you change to a new jar willingly? :D

    1. *takes a bow*
      Thanks :D I'm glad it answered your question :) Fortunately I have this habit of occasionally making jam and as a result had saved all the jars we emptied that I'd bought in the supermarket, so have a good 30 left and won't have to worry about that issue for a good long while :)

    2. Thank goodness! Suggestion for you: when putting the shelf up for the jars you might want to make sure you put up enough for ALL of your jars :D

    3. Sounds like a plan to me.. but first I need to re-paint the wall as it's showing signs of having been lived in ;) (child's drawings on the wall, bit's of the plaster knocked out by the table etc.)