Monday, 20 May 2013

IHSW update post

So last weekend it was IHSW and I got a fair bit of work done but not as much as I'd hoped.

Things I was to work on:
  1. Awning for the neighbour that I started last autumn and MUST finish soon.
  2. Mike's Mushrooms as it's high time I picked that up again.
  3. Possibly also do a bit more of the floor tile.

What I managed to do:
  1. Working on the awning is hard work - it's horrible poly and the whole piece weighs 5.4 kg (that's 11.9 pounds) so it is physically draining for me to work in it. I got the side seams done - sounds a lot easier than it was in reality. I started pinning the top seam. I'll do a proper blog on this project from hell soon.
  1. Mikes Mushrooms. As you can see I got quite a bit of the biggest mushroom done and I finished the last little bit of the middle one.
  1. Floor tile: I managed to do the last little bit of the corner loops so they are now complete and the frame is now 1/2 way done.
So not as much cross stitching done as I'd have liked overall but I did as much as was physically possible.


  1. I know how you feel! I really wanted to get more the Celtic Goddess worked on but that just didn't happen! There is always next month :D Or today!

    1. It was the horribly awning that was the blame - it really does hurt to sew this thing and then I hurt too much to stitch for a while :( still almost done marking the guidelines of the penultimate seam and then I can finish pinning it - not much more to do :D

  2. Everything looks good to me. It's no fun sewing when it hurts. I hope you can get that awning project done soon.

    1. Thanks :) No, it's not though fortunately I just got back from delivering it to the neighbour as I finally finished the battle of the awning :D