Saturday, 12 January 2013

Air, earth and water biscornus + TUSAL

I did remember to get the green thread I needed to complete the earth biscornu on the way from the doctors to the pharmacy (I literally have to bike past the shop so didn't go out of my way) so was able to finish the earth biscornu side. I am in the middle of doing the water side of the fire and water biscornu - this time in plain embroidery cotton and not silk. The red backstitching is the frame for the fire side.

I've not been all that well for a while now and the visit to the doctor was to see what was up. Turns out my cold wasn't a cold but pneumonia so I've been told to rest lots and have been given horse sized antibiotics tablets that I somehow have to take (Since I can't swallow pills in general these are impossible so they get broken into 2 halves, crushed into smithereens, mixed with the really sour oj I hate and knocked back like I'm drinking shooters). Resting lots means lots of sleeping and reading/embroidering to me so I'll see how much I get done in the coming days.
It being TUSAL time of the month (see the link in the bar on the left hand side for more info) I've made a photo of the jar I started in December. It contains threads from the clown embroidery I finished and the air, earth and water biscornus I have been working on. Not as much as previous months but well.. I also do other stuff hehe.


  1. How on earth did you end up with pneumonia?!!

    Isn't TUSAL the third weekend of the month??

    Am I asking too many questions? Did you know your stitching is gorgeous?


    1. Sorry, I am confused with the stitch all weekend thing :D

    2. I have no idea - I always wrap up warm when I go out when it's cold as I'm prone to throat infections.

      hene no worries - it's hard to keep up with all these acronyms ;)

      You have yet to reach my limit of questions - but then I have 2 curious kids hehe.

      *grabs microscope*
      umm.. have you see this?
      and this?
      *points somewhere else*
      and this? *points at a third spot*

      Actually I think the backstitching would look better on a larger weave Aida as here it just gets lost a bit as it's so close together.

      However thanks <3 It's easy to get lost in perfectionism sometimes ;)

  2. OHAI!

    just checking in! sorry that you are sick, but the quality of your work never seems to suffer . . .

    1. Hiya <3

      Nice to see you are still around :) hehe I just tend to do less work and more ripping out ;)

  3. Love your biscornus! They are coming along very beautifully. Take care, hope you get better soon. I just got a bad cold Wed and will see doc on Monday. Still stitching though, a good restful exercise I think!! :)

    1. Thanks :D Fortunately the meds finally kicked in and helped so I'm feeling a lot better now :)

      I hope it's just a cold you have and nothing worse!

      Yes stitching is really restful.. till I discover I made mistakes and have to rip them out lol