Thursday, 10 January 2013

Air and earth biscornu: Update

Things are progressing on the biscornu front - or at least they were till I ran out of the darkest green (699) that I'm using. You may notice that the X is missing from the top right corner - that's because I just ripped it out due to me forgetting to do the first stitch on the corner, as I'd only removed the stitches in the corner I had to fiddle with the ends to tidy up the ends.

I need to go close to the shop where I can get more thread tomorrow morning so I've decided to wait till then to get more. In the mean time I'll start work on the fire and water #2 as the first will be heading to a certain someone in Alaska soon ;-)

Size of embroidery before being sewn : 2 1/4" / 5,75 cm square
Size of completed biscornu will be approx.: 1 1/2" / 4 cm square
Fabric: 18 ct Aida

The Air side:
Colours used: ecru, 3753 (light blue), 932 (slightly darker blue) and 931 (darkest blue)
Total number of cross stitches: 632
Total number of backstitches: 488

The Earth side:
Colours used: 722 (lightest green), 703 (light green), 701 (slightly darker green) and 699 (darkest green)
Total number of cross stitches: 632
Total number of backstitches: 404


  1. These really are beautiful patterns. Cannot wait to get my hands on the one you are sending me :D

    And by the by, I'll be mailing out your contest prizes this coming weekend. I have a load of things that need to be sent out now so one trip to the post is the way to go :D

    1. Thanks!

      Awesome :D Funny thing is: I too have more than one thing to take to the post office which is why yours hasn't made it there yet - hopefully it will be sorted out tomorrow though :)

    2. That's alright! Take your time and don't feel pressured. I figured that since everyone I am sending to has waited this long I'm pretty sure they will love everything even more :D

    3. As you will see in my blog post - life has put me on hold with stuff :(

      I've always found that things like this arrive when they are needed most to brighten the recipients day so any delays are just that the timing is wrong for the recipient ;-)