Monday, 2 July 2012

Queen bumblebee

We have a bumble bee nest in the wall of our house, with the opening of the nest being one of the ventilation holes in the wall by our front door. When I first noticed that we had them I called a bee keeper to see what he recommended as I didn't want to harm them if I didn't have to. As they are bumble bees and harmless he said it was perfectly safe to leave them in place, just to make sure none got through the front door by accident.

When I went to the door earlier I noticed that there was this larger than usual bumble bee coming out of the wall. It sat around a bit and then slowly walked back into the nest then a moment later it came out again, this time with a "helper" so I rushed to get my camera and took a couple of photo's and managed to get out of the way again before it flew off rather unsteadily.

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