Saturday, 17 September 2011

Light Army Greens...

Done at last! I was starting to get pretty bored of green after about the 7th block - I wanted a change but that wasn't to be. Finishing the greens is a milestone in itself but on top of that it's also the 3/4 mark for me - only another 10 blocks are needed for the project HOWEVER I will be seeing how many blocks I get from all the colours I want to use for this as then I can play around with the blocks and see what I like best.

Still left to go are the reds, yellows and oranges. I'm doing orange next as oldest wanted to choose which ones I did and he likes orange a lot (youngest choose the greens)

This is the 30th block and the 10th green one.
Next up: Cutting oranges!

For more information see:  The insane hexagon quilt
To see all the quilt blocks together look here:  Insane Hexagon Project

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