Monday, 12 September 2011

Fixing Dilly...

Once upon a time there was a cuddly rabbit much like the one above but then in blue. It was given to a baby to be loved. The baby loved it very much and didn't stop loving it as he grew older and when he got old enough to talk he named it "Dilly". Dilly was loved and loved and loved and eventually started to wear out a little so the boys mother darned it to mend the holes. As time went on darning wasn't enough any more so during the first major operation patches were added behind Dilly's face on the left hand side to conserve the face and head as much as possible. After more time a second major operation was required to fix holes on the right hand side and this was done today. 

 One large patch was slid behind the face with the use of a letter opener (much to the distress of the now 8 year old boy) one part going to the front and one part going round the back. on the front near the ear some holes were darned as well.
At the back the ear was darned as well as the bit down the centre back and the bit to the left of the neck.

The operation was completed successfully in an hour and the boy is thrilled to bits that his darling Dilly is fixed again. As always you can click the images to see larger versions :)

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