Saturday, 9 September 2017

Friday Freebie: The Unexpected Edition

You are probably wondering why it's the unexpected edition! Well it's because this AM I didn't think I'd be able to access my patterns as my computer had decided it didn't like life the way it was for it and refused to even start up.

Fortunately my son noticed that there were a few bits in my computer that needed cleaning that I had not been able to reach in my regular cleans and the build-up had caused things to overheat and refuse to work. He took things apart a bit and did a good clean of things and now I am again using my own computer!

So... this week's pattern was inspired by a medieval manuscript of a person in a bed - the background of the bed and the frame of the image which is also the bed frame to be exact - and that's what I have re-created in cross stitch format.

The pattern isn't exactly square this week as the side borders are skinnier than the top and bottom ones, you could square it up by using the same border on all sides instead.

You can find the pattern here

Have a good, safe weekend if you can - if you are in the middle of one of nature's disasters I hope you are as ok as you can be.


  1. I'm glad your computer problems were easily fixable. Yay for computer-savy sons!

    1. I am too! I was terrified I'd have to buy a new computer. Much Yay!