Friday, 3 February 2017

A new series of freebies!

It's been a while since I've posted anything let alone a freebie here (though I do have an ongoing project on deviantArt where I give a free pattern a month, but more on that another time), so I thought I'd start things off with a freebie!
In the past I have made other patterns inspired by Pink's Mucha princesses and this one was inspired by Pinky's Kida pattern - it's not a very difficult pattern but it does call for a Light Effects red as the thread colours are ones also used in the pattern itself.

As you will have seen by the title this is the start of a new series! I'm waaay behind in sharing the patterns I've made for all of the fabulous Mucha patterns Pinky has made so far, so I'm going to be giving them on a hopefully regular basis over the next month or 3.

Pinky's etsy can be found here in case you are curious - do go have a look, you won't regret it!

As for this embroidery pattern... you can find it Here


  1. Oh, I was waiting for you to start sharing these! What a great surprise ^_^

  2. Hey magical !! Are you no longer on twitter? Haven't seen you for a while!! Hope you're all well ��

    1. I thought I was way beyond tired as I couldn't find your comment anywhere despite the email telling me you'd made one. Turns out you'd ended up in the spam folder of the blog, so I had to tell it you were not a spammer first.

      I am still on twitter, it's just not yet made it back into my places that I post again yet, I'm building it up slowly so as to try and avoid overwhelming myself again. It's a long story not suitable for the comments here ;)

  3. You know I have to stitch all of these up ha ha!