Sunday, 14 February 2016

A quick little something for the weekend

People who know me know I'm a bit of a fan of Pinky's work, even though I don't like stitching people, I do love the things she makes, and I admire them from afar. Last time she brought out a series of princesses I made some scissor fobs with the colours and this time I will probably do the same for all 3. I am however starting with just the 1 now - Princess Mulan - which Pinky made using original artwork by Hannah Alexander, you can find the pattern here: Pinky the pink's Etsy
Please note that as the patterns are limited to just 50 of each so you may find that the pattern is sold out.

For this one rare occasion I have not stitched the pattern first, I just don't have the time right now, but I know the colours work and the result will leave you more than happy.

Use any size fabric you like, just remember that the finer the fabric the smaller the result will be - I design using 18ct Aida as that is what I use most often so that is what the size shows on the pattern, if you use 14ct Aida or 28 ct linen over 2 then it will of course be bigger.

You can find the pattern here

The pattern idea was from the log cabin quilt blocks that make such wonderful patterns depending on which colours you use and, as you can see, I managed to create flower-like shapes with leaves on a pale green background.

The colours use normal DMC stranded cotton, and some blended colours taken from the colours used in the pattern itself. Remember blended colours are NOT scary or difficult! You just need to carefully look which colours you need and if you need more than one colour take one strand of each to thread your needle with - that simple.



  1. I have it now! and just you wait...I'm going to STITCH THIS immediately (evil laughter)

  2. I haven even caught up with last year's patterns and here you go releasing even MORE prettyness - no fair! It looks great and I can't wait to see it stitched :)

    1. I do apologise (welll.. actually... no, I don't :P ) I too am keen to see it stitched and am thrilled Carla is doing just that :D