Monday, 15 February 2016

Hello Monday!

It's not often that Monday brings good things, it brings the end of the weekend for most people, which means getting up at ugh o'clock if you are not fortunate enough to be an early bird, so I thought I'd brighten up the start of the week with something nice to embroider - not cross stitch this time but blackwork, using a traditional pattern worked in 3 bright greens which will brighten anyone's day!

The colours were inspired by another of Pinky the pink's newest princess patterns, this time Hannah Alexander's Tinkerbell (you can find the pattern here: Pinky the pink's Etsy )  The choice of a flower like shape was also inspired by this pattern as there is nothing that Tinkerbell likes more than flowers.

You can find the pattern here

You can finish this embroidery as a fob in 2 ways.
The first is done like this:
  • Do a line of back stitching all the way round
  • Turn it so the back of the work is facing up 
  • Fold the seam allowance down and finger press in place
  • Fold two adjoining corners towards the centre and whip stitch them together along the line that connects them
  • Fold the 3rd corner over and whip stitch it along the line between it and the adjoining two
  • Fold over the last corner and whip stitch one more side closed
  • Then stuff the fob through the last opening
  • Tuck a bit of ribbon or cord in the top of the corner and whip stitch the last seam closed.
Alternatively you can make it into a lovely biscornu by making 2 sides the same and joining them together.